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The Fastest Air Conditioning Repair in Southlake, TXWhen your AC runs but doesn’t cool, what do you do?

Truthfully, you may or may not need a professional. It depends on your own DIY skills, as well as the difficulty of the problem. Even if you’re not super handy, you can still do a few simple checks and fixes.

Well, it could be as simple as replacing your air filter. That’s the place to start. If ice has formed on the coils, which is easy to check, simply turn on your system fan only (don’t heat or cool) to melt it off.

Your condensate drain could also be clogged. Dirt, mold, and insects can easily get into your condensate drain line and clog it up. To clean, start by turning your AC unit off at the thermostat and breaker.

Find where the drain line exits your home. Look for any obvious blockage such as an insect nest or weeds. If that’s not it, find the point where your condensate line meets your indoor air handler. Remove the plug, if present. Then use your wet/dry vac to try to suck the clog out. Simply use your hands to form a tight seal between your vacuum and the condensate line.

Still clogged? Find your condensate line’s exit point and try your wet/dry vac from there. If you still haven’t removed the clog, you can try pouring a cup of white vinegar into the access point. Let it sit a few hours and then try vacuuming again. Finally, if all those attempts don’t work out, try using a snake to break up the clog.

AC Still Not Cooling Like It Should? It May Be Time To Hire an AC Service Near You

These are just some simple things you can do. If those don’t work, you could have a much more complex issue on your hands. And that’s probably the time to give an HVAC repair pro a call.

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