Air Conditioner Repair Service in Keller Guaranteed On-Time

Air Conditioner Repair Service in Keller Guaranteed On-Time.  Schedule a one-hour appointment online at billyGO.

What’s more frustrating and inconvenient than an air conditioner that conks out during the middle of the intense Texas heat?

…An air conditioner repair service that shows up hours after it says it will!

You have to take an afternoon off work and reschedule your activities, sitting around and wondering when they’ll actually arrive.

But you never have that problem with the air conditioner repair pros at billyGO.

And that’s guaranteed.


Because we’ve designed an app to automatically schedule the nearest available tech to come to your home.

And they’ll arrive within 59 minutes of your scheduled time, or you get money back for every minute they’re late.

Apps don’t make mistakes. When you call a human at an office, they might misunderstand or enter something in wrong. It happens.

But when you schedule your appointment on our app, you don’t get mistakes. And the app shows you the name and image of the tech assigned to your job, plus it shows the exact location of their repair truck.

Air Conditioner Repair Service with Guaranteed Pricing

You also get guaranteed up-front pricing too. That’s because our owner knows what each repair should cost and sets the price beforehand.

And you always pay that price.

There’s no unexpected changes in costs. For any reason. Ever.

If that happens, we take on the additional cost and take responsibility for our own mistakes.

Get Your Free Estimate Today

Just Google “billyGO,” read our reviews, and compare those to what you find under “AC repair near me,” and you’ll learn why Keller residents love us so much.

Then schedule your free appointment by using our scheduling app or calling 817.722.6151.