Use billyGO Online Scheduler for Dallas-Fort Worth Plumbing and HVAC APPointments YOU Schedule

billyGO’s “Air Conditioning and Plumbing by APPointment™” will change the way you schedule air conditioning and plumbing services in Dallas-Fort Worth! You set the date, time and location and get confirmation from us, all with the free billyGO Online Scheduler. We show up when you say, not when we can “get around to it.” It only takes a minute and saves you hours of waiting.

1 You Schedule an APPointment™ with the billyGO Online Scheduler

Use the billyGO Online Scheduler to tell us your location, nature of the problem, and the date and time to be there. No time-killing phone calls required. Schedule an APPointment™

billyGO's proprietary Plumbing and Air Conditioning Service App!

2 billyGO Online Scheduler Sends APPointment Info

The billyGO Online Scheduler assigns the job to the plumbing or AC tech whose schedule and location make the best match. The tech sends you a confirmation message with name and photo. No surprises for you. Schedule an APPointment™

billyGO's proprietary Plumbing and Air Conditioning Service App!

3 Receive Updates

Your plumber/tech receives job information and map routing from the billyGO Online Scheduler. You can track location and arrival status. We arrive within one hour of scheduled time or we start discounting from your bill. Schedule an APPointment™

billyGO Plumbing and Air Conditioning service Dallas Fort Worth

4 Technician Fixes the Problem

Tech diagnoses, explains options and then provides guaranteed price for the HVAC or plumbing work. You approve and sign work order with app on plumber’s tablet computer.
Schedule an APPointment™

biilyGO's proprietary Plumbing and Air Conditioning Service App!

5 Payment and Receipt

When work is completed, you review, approve and pay with bank card, receive paid receipt instantly via email. Payments are processed by third-party bank; we store no payment information. People love air conditioning and plumbing by APPointment™ with billyGO!
Schedule an APPointment™

How is billyGO different from other plumbing companies that have online scheduling?

With billyGO you actually schedule your APPointment™ time, not just the date or a four-hour window in which your service call is supposed to happen. billyGO features a one-hour time window, not half a day. For example, if you schedule an APPointment™ for 11 a.m. our plumber will be there by 11:59 or we start deducting from the price of your service call for being late.

How does billyGO figure prices for plumbing jobs?

billyGO saves you money with low prices due to the highly automated processes built into the billyGO Online Scheduler. We charge a set price for each type of procedure. Our more than 25 years of experience enables us to accurately determine how long each job should require. This information is built into the billyGO Online Scheduler; the plumber cannot change the rates. You will know in advance what the final bill will be, even if it takes longer than expected. Our plumbers are compensated based on overall performance, which includes on-time arrival.

Do your plumbers and techs work on commission?

No, billyGO employees are paid hourly. When our plumbers recommend a new or replacement product it is because they consider that the best solution to your problem. We will not sell you things you don’t need. We designed our compensation plan to attract top professionals who do the job right the first time, who provide exceptional customer satisfaction with honesty and integrity.

Are billyGO plumbers employees or contractors?

Unlike platform services that provide leads to individual contractors, billyGO is a DFW-based, family-owned business with our own employees. Everyone we send to your home or business wears a billyGO uniform and is our employee. Our hiring standards are high. We insist on strong people skills and technical skills. All employees receive background checks and are drug screened. As added assurance, the billyGO Online Scheduler provides the name and photo of the technician assigned your service APPointment™.