HVAC Repair in Dallas TX

The Fastest Air Conditioning Repair in Southlake, TXHas the Texas heat caused your HVAC system to stop working?

Now you have a decision to make: try fixing it yourself or call a professional.

Contrary to what you may hear from many HVAC contractors, you can do at least some minor repairs yourself. You don’t need a professional every time the slightest thing goes wrong.

For example, let’s say you have central air conditioning. If it’s not working at all, start with your circuit breaker. If your breaker has tripped, simply turn it off and on again to reset it. If you have a blown fuse, simply replace the fuse.

If your circuit breaker continues to trip, then you probably have a short in your HVAC system somewhere. Usually this is in the compressor, capacitor, or fan motor. Finding a short is difficult, and that’s the point to strongly consider hiring an HVAC professional.

Why else could your central air conditioning be not operating?

It could be as simple as your thermostat not being set to “cool.” So, double-check that.

If your central air conditioner runs but doesn’t cool all that well, look at your condenser and see if tall weeds are blocking it. Remember to remove the weeds by the roots (don’t mow or weed-whip them) so debris doesn’t get into your HVAC system.

You can also change your air filter. And you might clean your outdoor compressor. If that doesn’t do the job, then you may need to hire a professional to replace the refrigerant.

Dallas Air Conditioning Repair

The brutal Texas heat drags on well throughout the year. It forces your air conditioner to work hard. And that means you have more air conditioner problems if you live here in Dallas/Fort Worth than you would in many other cities.

But just because your AC suddenly stops working correctly, that doesn’t mean you instantly need to call an AC repair professional. After all, your money may be tight as a result of the difficulties the coronavirus pandemic has caused.

You can fix some AC problems yourself. Here’s a few common ones and their quick fixes:

  • AC not running at all – Check your circuit breaker.
  • Routine maintenance issues – Consistently change your air filter because this prevents many of those problems.
  • AC not cooling – Clean the condensate drain and the outdoor compressor.
  • Clicking followed by a hum or buzz – Replace the capacitor.
  • Clicking without a hum or buzz – Replace the contactor.

At some point, you may finally either reach a problem that’s too time-consuming for you to repair, or that you can’t figure out.

And that’s a time you may consider calling an AC service professional. billyGO has a nearly-perfect reputation in Dallas/Fort Worth. Just Google “billyGO Dallas” and read our almost-impeccable customer reviews to see for yourself!

billyGO is always near you. Behind the scenes, we have an app that identifies our nearest NATE-certified tech with the soonest availability. So, that means your tech gets to you faster than any other company offering AC repair near you.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

This can be a tough decision. It depends on your budget and the repairs you need to make. Hey, we get it. You may not have the money now, or you may not want another financing payment to make every month.

Don’t worry…billyGO’s techs can help you make the best decision for your situation. It’s not our goal to sell you a new AC. We want to serve you and help you do what works best for your situation.

Heating Repair in Dallas Texas

When you think about your heating system you probably wonder will it run efficiently and keep you as warm as you want when you need it? When was the last time you had any maintenance done on it? Feeling stressed because you don’t know someone you can trust to do the job?

Our owner has more than two decades of experience. He’s designed billyGO so all repair costs have standard, unchanging prices. He also knows how to hire honest and highly talented techs. They will inspect your HVAC system’s heating problem and explain to you in plain English what needs repair. That means you get quality HVAC repairs at fair, predictable prices every time.

HVAC Dallas Fort Worth: Why You Should Call billyGO

If you run into something you can’t fix, then you may need to call a professional. And you’ll love billyGO because everyone in Dallas/Fort Worth already does. Just Google “billyGO Dallas” and read our more than 100 nearly perfect reviews for proof!

DFW homeowners love us because we give you guaranteed up-front pricing, the fastest service, money back for every minute late if we’re more than 59 minutes late, and all that without any annoying high sales pressure.

Plus, our NATE-certified techs are hand-chosen by our owner, who has more than two decades of experience. So, he knows how to hire, train, and retain only the very best HVAC system repair pros. That means you can trust the quality and accuracy of every repair.

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