Plumbing jobs for veterans offer some of the best pay and career opportunity of any civilian job you may transition into.

Whether you are mustering out after one hitch or have served for 20, a new career as a licensed plumber can take you farther than you probably ever dreamed.

If you are:

  • a person who likes challenges you solve with your wits and your hands,
  • a team player who can lead and follow,
  • systems-oriented,
  • responsible and on-time,
  • dress and act professionally, and
  • have ever wanted to have your own business, read on.

Earn a Six-Figure Plumber Salary

The plumbing trade is prospering as never before, with many plumbing jobs paying in six figures. If you are not already an experienced plumber you won’t start at that level, but even starting from scratch this is a goal that’s definitely attainable within five years with billyGO Home Services. In fact, our system was designed to make that happen.

If you have plumber training or experience, that gives you a head start. But even if you have never turned a wrench we can start you in a plumbing apprenticeship earning a living wage as you receive classroom and on-the-job training in the billyGO plumbing school. We cover all training expenses.

Our ultimate goal is for all of our licensed plumbers to advance to having their own billyGO Home Services plumbing business. Most jobs for veterans are just that – jobs. billyGO offers veterans a proven path to business ownership.

billyGO Plumbing School

At billyGO’s plumbing school you will receive professional training from a millionaire master plumber who got into plumbing after several years in construction.

Billy Stevens bought a failing plumbing business in the Dallas/Fort Worth market that had two plumbers and he turned it into a plumbing and HVAC dynamo of more than 70 people producing tens of millions of dollars in revenues – and then sold it for millions while in his 40s.

He literally wrote the book for the billyGO system and put into it everything he knows about the business. As you progress from apprentice plumber to tradesman and then journeyman you will acquire all the skills you need to be a top-level licensed plumber.

By the time you reach master plumber you will know how to run your own billyGO business. And you will be free to grow it as big as your talent and ambition will take you.

billyGO handles the back-office functions, including invoicing and payments. We market your plumbing business aggressively to produce a steady flow of customers, all with the proprietary billyGO app.

There are no dispatchers, no phones to answer, and no territorial limits. Our streamlined business processes have far fewer steps and eliminate administrative bottlenecks. We want you to concentrate on serving more customers.

Job Security

Plumbers are in high demand. Plumbing work can be challenging, but it also can be extremely rewarding, especially in terms of pay and having control of your time.

Plumbing businesses are not as subject to the boom and bust cycles or the economy at large that make other career fields more volatile. People can put off spending for things they want but fixing a clogged drain or a water leak isn’t an option.

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