Plumbing School and Plumbing Apprenticeships for Students

Plumbing school may be your ticket to a six-figure income and a business of your own a lot faster than a bachelor’s degree. Become a billyGO™ plumbing apprentice and be on your way to a six-figure income and having your own business. Get paid to learn – with NO STUDENT LOAN DEBT!

Plumbing school may be your ticket to a six-figure income and a business of your own a lot faster than a bachelor’s degree.

Higher education is a good idea, but it doesn’t assure career success. It does pretty much assure you will accumulate student loan debt as big as a home mortgage before you graduate, and it will take years to pay it back.

If you have ever questioned the wisdom of paying tens of thousands of dollars to go to college and then earn a modest salary of $50,000 – $60,000 when you graduate with a mountain of debt, you should consider a plumbing career with billyGO.

Become a billyGO Plumbing Apprentice

If you become a plumbing apprentice you will start on a career path that can have you earning more with a couple years of experience than people with four-year degrees. If you become a billyGO Online Schedulerrentice you will be on your way to having your own business and a chance to build real wealth.

At billyGO’s plumbing school you will receive professional training from a millionaire master plumber who chose this path instead of college. Billy Stevens bought a failing plumbing business that had two plumbers and turned it into a plumbing and HVAC dynamo of more than 70 people producing tens of millions of dollars in revenues – and then sold it for millions.

In billyGO plumbing school you will get the benefit of Billy’s hard-earned knowledge in every lesson. As you progress from apprentice plumber to tradesman and then journeyman you will acquire all the skills you need to be a top-level licensed plumber.

By the time you reach master plumber you will know how to run your own billyGO home services business.

Earn as You Learn

Think about this: NO STUDENT LOAN DEBT! You will have meaningful work that pays well as you learn the plumbing trade in the billyGO plumbing school. We provide all the classroom and on-the-job training you need (and more) to progress each step of the way from Apprentice to Tradesman to Journeyman and then to Master plumber.

Apply Now

The billyGO business model is designed to get you to a six-figure income long before you get your own billyGO business.

Apply now to be a billyGO plumbing apprentice. You can be earning good money as a high school or college student while you develop your skills Every day you will be logging time toward the 2,000 hours needed for your Tradesman license.

You also will have great benefits, including health and professional insurance, paid holidays and vacations, 401K retirement plan (with billyGO matches) and a stimulating, fun work environment, all while studying in the billyGO plumbing school.

Get a head start on your peers – Apply to billyGO Now!