Get Cool Fast! Keller HVAC Service in an Hour from Proven Experts

HVAC Service for Keller!  Go with billyGO!  Offering local AC service for all makes and models of AC systems. Schedule your APPointment or call 817-761-0166.

Air Conditioning Service for Keller!  Go with billyGO!  We offer a local air conditioning service for all makes and models of systems. Schedule the day and time of your APPointment™ with our free APP.

$0 Dispatch Fee with billyGO Now!
1-Hour APPointment™ Window*
First Time Customers receive $59 off with FIX $59!
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Need to get cool fast…but don’t want all the annoying stressful hassles you frequently get with many air conditioner repair services?

Then give billyGO a buzz.

That’s because we guarantee to show up within an hour of your appointed time, or you get money back for every minute we’re late*.

And you never pay more than quoted for your repair. If it happens to cost more, we simply take that on.

But That’s Not All! billyGO’s Air Conditioner Repair Pros Set the Standard for Amazing Service

Just go ahead and Google “billyGO Keller” and check out our perfect 4.9-star Google rating yourself.

You literally can’t get any better than that.

That’s because our techs explain to you in plain English exactly what’s going on with your AC. Then you learn what you need to repair and why.

You get a quote. And then you pay the quoted price.

You don’t get any annoying sales pressure to buy a completely new air conditioner.

You might get that recommendation if that’s what you need. But the decision is totally yours.

It all happens because of the APP that coordinates your service. When you call and schedule your APPointment™, you get an image and the name of the tech assigned to your repair.

And you also know the precise location of their repair truck and see in real-time where they are.

Yes. It is like that.

Get Your Free Estimate Today

So, what’re you waiting for?

A stress-free repair, with guaranteed costs, from a proven tech who knows their stuff can be yours with a simple phone call.

Use our Air Conditioning Service Scheduling APP or call 817-761-0166 to schedule your one-hour window appointment today.

*$1.00 off your bill for each minute late up to $60.00