What Should You Look for in a AC Repair Service in Plano?

What Should You Look for in an AC Repair Service in Plano?

What makes one air conditioner repair service much better than another?

Experience? No! It all depends on what you learn with the time available. Two contractors with the same experience can have very different skill levels.

You should look at reputation first. billyGO has a nearly impeccable reputation for great service, quality repairs, and honest pricing.

Just Google “billyGO Plano” or “AC repair near me” to read reviews from dozens of happy customers.

What would you want next in an Ar Conditioning Services contractor?

How about fast service?

Because, after all, you don’t want to sit in that intense Texas heat for any longer than you have to.

billyGO’s designed the perfect solution: an app that schedules the nearest available technician to do your repair.

Oh, and if they show up more than 59 minutes late for your scheduled repair time, you get money back for every minute they’re late (even if they’re late for reasons which aren’t their fault!).

Plus, our app shows you their exact location and an image of your AC Repair professional so you know exactly who’s coming to your home.

billyGO’s Air Conditioner Repair Pros Offer Honest Solutions WIthout Any Sales Pressure

And what would you want last?

An honest tech who doesn’t try to force a maintenance plan or some other solution you don’t want on you, right?

Well, that’s exactly what billyGO’s techs do. They give you an honest diagnosis of your air conditioner’s problem.

You get a price quote. You learn exactly what’s wrong in simple language you can understand. Then you give them the go-ahead or reject the offer. If you choose to proceed, they do the repair.

If the repair costs any more than the quote, you don’t pay any of that cost. billyGO takes that on.

And finally, you don’t have to deal with any sales pressure from our techs. They’re trained to do the repair and do it to perfection. And that’s it.

AC not working? Live in Plano? Let’s get you cool and comfortable again.

Contact billyGO, use our Air Conditioning Service Scheduling APP or call 817-761-0166 to schedule your one-hour window appointment today.