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Professional plumbing in Texas requires a state license, but that doesn’t keep some – people who have not licensed – plumbers from doing plumbing work.

We have heard too many stories of home handymen and carpet installers doing plumbing repairs and installations for people in Colleyville.

Unfortunately, the way we usually find out about them is when homeowners schedule an APPointment™ with a billyGO licensed plumber come to fix a problem the other guy created. The solution is to use our Air Conditioning Service Scheduling APP or call 817-761-0166 to schedule your one-hour window appointment today.

Likewise, many HVAC problems are caused by improper installation. The fact is, many air conditioning companies aren’t able to attract and keep top talent, so many installation mistakes made by unqualified installers go unnoticed until problems develop later.

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Many of the follow-up requests we get are for toilet plumbing. When you have new flooring of any type installed in a bathroom the toilet must be removed to install the flooring under it. When reinstalled, the toilet has to be properly seated so the wax ring forms a tight seal to keep sewage, sewer gas, and insects from getting into your bathroom.

When you have a clogged toilet, leaking toilet, or need to replace the toilet tank parts, billyGO will take care of it at the day and hour you choose.

If your water bills have increased but your water use pattern hasn’t, you may have an undetected water leak. Finding leaks can be tricky, but billyGO has professional leak detection equipment to find and fix costly leaks anywhere inside your home or on your property.

Our professional plumbing services also include drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, hot water heater repair and replacement, gas leak detection and repair, sink installation, faucet replacement, and any other kind of plumbing repair your home may need.

Precision Air Conditioning Installation

As a rule of thumb, lower efficiency AC equipment that’s installed right will do a better job of cooling than high-efficiency air conditioners installed improperly. It pays to ensure you get good installers.

Good airflow is essential for effective central air conditioning equipment to work up to capacity. Many times, billyGO AC technicians can improve HVAC operating efficiency by properly sealing air ducts. When ducts aren’t sealed tight, cooled (or heated) air escapes into your attic instead of going to the living areas of your home.

Installing the proper size air conditioning unit for the house is another critical factor. Over-sized equipment may seem like a good idea. But instead of getting a reserve capacity, you get far less than you paid for. What actually happens is the system cycles on and off too frequently, never running long enough to adequately remove the humidity from the air, so the house feels stuffy and uncomfortable.

A properly installed and well-maintained air conditioning system should easily be able to keep your home 20 degrees lower than outside temperatures. When those temperatures climb into the 90s or higher and you find you can’t keep the inside within 20 degrees, it’s likely you need more insulation.

The AC installers at billyGO are experts at sizing equipment and ensuring optimal airflow to keep your home comfortable. You can determine the SEER (efficiency) rating of the equipment you want with the billyGO Online Scheduler and we will take care of sizing it properly.

Use our Air Conditioning Service Scheduling APP or call 817-761-0166 to schedule your one-hour window appointment today.