Best Coffee Shops in Grapevine

While it is true that we are all cut out differently, it is in our differences that we tend to relate even more closely. Amidst our differences, there is always something that brings us together. One such unifying factor has to be a cup of coffee. There is something magical about a coffee moment. Grapevine, TX, knows this fact way too well, and the city does well to provide residents and guests alike with some of the best coffee joints in the region.

Buon Giorno

With nearly five years of roasting training and experience behind, the owners sought to apply their lifelong passion to their own micro-batch roasted coffee. Nearly seven years later, they have successfully opened a second location in Downtown Fort Worth and are always expanding their roasting venture with wholesale distributions. Because their culture and ethos have been so influenced by the history of European coffee houses, they specialize in offering two classic forms of coffee; Espresso and the Cafetière. For a quick on-the-go drink they also brew their coffees using a slow drip method and always have at least 4 choices including the house Decaf. Enjoy the simple pleasure of freshly roasted coffee. Their coffees are individually profiled to maximize the best taste for each origin and blend.

Paciugo Gelato Caffe

To share his love of the tastes of Italy with the world. Ugo wanted to create something that no one would be able to resist. And he wanted to do it better than anyone. Paciugo is the realization of his lifelong passion. In 1999 armed with a secret family gelato recipe, he moved to America and opened the first Paciugo store. It was love at first taste. America could not get enough of the silky-smooth, irresistibly delicious gelato served in an environment that felt uniquely Italian. Ugo’s vision of making and serving Paciugo, the world’s finest gelato, had been fulfilled.

Brew & Batter

Brew & Batter opened May 6, 2020! Brew & Batter is locally owned, they are a small standalone house that loves to serve good coffee! Not to mention our waffles, they have a waffle menu that changes about once a month, so there is always something new. They have two bases of waffles, one is the cornbread and one is the liege waffle, more of a European waffle, made with yeast and in house every day! All of the drinks come with a base of oat milk but you can find oat milk alternatives here as well, they use White Rock for their espresso and Eiland for their drip.