We know when you want a plumber or air conditioning repair in Keller, you’d like to have some say in when the technician arrives, instead of “between one and five o’clock – maybe.” billyGO puts you back in control of your time with an industry-leading one-hour service window. That means “between one and two o’clock.”

billyGO customers schedule their own APPointments with the free billyGO app. We are a family-owned local business, not a referral service. Every technician is our own employee, not a contractor. The app will send you the photo of the tech making the call and let you track arrival time.

Full-Service Plumbing

Whatever your plumbing problem, billyGO has the talent and tools to fix it right the first time. Keller people like our garbage disposal repair service for fixing leaks and clogs. The first indication of a leaking garbage disposal may be a foul odor or puddle of water beneath the sink.

Garbage disposals can get clogged by putting too much food waste in them at once or feeding them the wrong types of scraps, such as potato peelings and celery. If it’s time to replace your disposal, billyGO will get the job done fast, including having a new unit delivered to your home while the tech is there.

We install kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures in Keller for upgrades and remodeling projects, including sinks, tubs, and showers. Just replacing old, leaking faucets with an updated look can do wonders for the livability and value of your home.

A leaking toilet can squander as much as 200 gallons of water each day. It’s wasteful and needlessly expensive. billyGO can replace worn out parts in the toilet tank to stop costly leaks fast. If you want to upgrade to a new low-water, strong-flush fixture, we provide turn-key toilet installation service.

Time-Saving Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair

When your AC goes out during a hot summer, every minute counts. billyGO AC techs have seen about every problem an HVAC system may develop, and they have the equipment with them on every service call to fix it right the first time.

Did you know that by doing a few simple tasks yourself you can prevent a lot of common air conditioning system problems? Here’s how: change the filters regularly, usually every six months, to keep air flowing evenly throughout the house.

Dirty air filters restrict air flow, which makes the system work harder and consume more electricity – and it causes parts to wear out faster. Simply changing a dirty air filter can reduce energy consumption by 5 – 15 percent.

Also keep the evaporator coil (part of the inside equipment) free of dust and dirt. Changing air filters regularly helps prevent this buildup. Be gentle, so as not to damage the coil or loosen any connections. Also clean the evaporator coil fins (in the outside part of your HVAC system) by hosing off the dust, grass and leaves. This energy.gov article about maintaining your air conditioner goes into more detail.

Save Time and Money with billyGo

You may be pleasantly surprised to know that billyGo saves you money, as well as time. Our app-based business processes cut our costs, and we pass along the savings to you. Stop waiting around for a Keller plumber or air conditioning repair company to show up! Get the free billyGO app now so you can name the date and time.