Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in North Richland Hills

Nothing Beats family. Family moments are so magical, they have a special way of melting our hearts and making us want to live in the moment forever. And what brings the family together better that sharing a meal together? Well, let’s have a look at some of the best go-to family-friendly restaurants in North Richland Hills, TX. Here, you can be sure to create wonderful family moments as well as memories.

McAlister’s Deli

The history of McAlister’s Deli dates back nearly 30 years ago, when a professional dentist had a vision to turn a somewhat neglected movie-set dinner restaurant into a vibrant, charming, and family-friendly community restaurant and meeting place. In 1989, his dream became a reality, with McAlister’s Deli opening its doors for the very first time. The menu then lives on to date, with the restaurant’s signature spuds, salads, sandwiches, and crowning it all, their sweet tea!

It is not only the menu that has stood the test of time; McAlister’s Deli’s core values have remained unchanged, true to the restaurant’s roots. Today, there are over 400 restaurants spread out across 28 states in the US! McAlister’s Deli is still committed to serving the greatest food ever, coupled with genuine hospitality. Here, you can rest assured that you will enjoy the experience from beginning to end. So feel free to bring your family, celebrate with your teammates, meet up with your neighbors or even reconnect with old friends over sweet tea and delicious sandwiches.

McAlister’s foundation is food! They wouldn’t be here without serving those giant spuds or favorite toppings that you love so much. Their main goal is serving tantalizing sweet tea and handcrafted food that tastes like a drop of heaven. It does not matter whether you are the pickiest of eaters; here, you are bound to find something that augurs with your palette. Even familiar flavors will have a touch of McAlister’s found nowhere else in the world! As new flavors emerge, so does their menu evolve.

McAlister’s is synonymous to sweet tea. To them, the giant 32 oz. glasses of tea are meant to do much more than merely quench your thirst – they are for moments when you need to catch up with your friends, moments when you need to wind off after a long day’s work, and moments when you want to bring your family together- basically magical moments! Regardless of the lemons the day throws your way, any time is sweet tea time at McAlister’s.