Best Lunch Restaurants in North Richland Hills

Lunch is one of those meals of the day that will take your energy levels right up after a busy morning session. However, you do not want to go wrong with your meal of choice, or even preferred to eat out, as that can be quite detrimental to how the rest of your day ends up shaping itself. Well, North Richland Hills, Texas, offers residents and guests alike with some of the best joints where individuals, friends, or even corporates can come together for this very important mid-day meal. Below are some of the best lunch restaurants in the city.

Hoang’s Noodle House

Hoang’s Noodle House was established in 2017 as a food truck, using amazing family recipes and scrumptious dishes made from scratch! With time, they landed a permanent spot in North Richland Hills, making things even better, as it gave them an opportunity to deliver Asia’s most authentic and natural flavors to the city guests and residents. The restaurant welcomes all and sundry to experience their soft-shell crab or even lobster garlic stew all served over stir-fried rice, which is like no other!

Campfire Grill Texas Kitchen

For Kareem and Pablo, Campfire Grill Texas Kitchen is an answered prayer, a mission fulfilled by God. Combined, they have restaurant experience worth 35 years, and this restaurant is a culmination of both their work and cultural experience. It is the idea behind the entire restaurant concept here that brings the best of Texas cuisines and influences together, offering residents and guests alike with a dining experience like none other. Texas is located at the crossroads of a ton of legendary culinary traditions, with kitchens spread out across the state, all influenced by southern-style cooking, gulf coast seafood as well as Tex-Mex spices. The cooks at Campfire Grill Texas Kitchen put all these influences together under one roof, bringing you the best home-cooked food ever. Be sure to sample their signature foods including hickory-smoked meatloaf, street tacos, blackened catfish, chicken-fried steak and so many other sweet tastes. Visit this warm and loving Texas Kitchen for the best treats that you can ever find.

Nikis Italian Bistro North Richland Hills

This is a family-owned restaurant, which provides a wide variety of delicious Italian cuisines served in an attractive, Old school style, including a fireplace and cascading fountain. They have a pianist in the dining room every Wednesday to Saturday. There is usually a live band on Fridays and Saturdays as well. Come and enjoy the best of Italian Cuisines, as you enjoy great music over lunch.