Famous people from North Richland Hills

Everyone has a place they are proud to call home. Well, North Richland Hills, TX, happens to be an amazing trip as well as a residential destination. As such, it is no surprise, that most people, celebrities included, are proud of it as their home. Below are the most famous people who hail from North Richland Hills, TX.

Gary Morris

This American born stage actor and singer rose to fame after charting a series of hits from the country music genre all through the 1980s. His most famous ballad is the 1983 track ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’. In addition to this, he has over 25 chart singles when it comes to the top Country Billboard charts. He also has 9 studio albums in the country-pop genre. His album, ’Why Lady Why’ in 1983, earned him an impressive gold certification from RIAA. Despite the fact that he is best known for his country-pop music, he descends from a family of country gospel and country hard-twang singers.

Originally from Fort Worth, TX, his family later moved to North Richland Hills, late in the 1950s. When he was in 3rd grade, he and his younger sister emerged as the winners of a major talent show, having sang their own version of ‘This Old House’, a popular hit originally sung by Rosemary Clooney. Interestingly, Gary was also really good at athletics, and he even played 4 sports when attending high school. It was in college that he chose to pursue singing. He even moved to Colorado, where he and his two other friends joined forces to become a trio. After a few successful performances, he finally decided to put a pin on his college education and focus on music. He moved from performing in nightclubs to writing commercial jingles for notable enterprises including the Frontier Airlines. He then signed with the Carter’s Presidential Campaign team and even sang at the White House after Carter won the elections.

Betty Carmichael Pariso

Betty was born in January 1956. She is an American professional female bodybuilder, who is probably most famous for being the oldest active and competing professional body-builder in the world! She, together with her two sisters and one brother grew up in the countryside, on a farm, leading both a healthy as well as an athletic lifestyle. She played a lot of volleyball and track running. She had a natural prowess when it came to athletics, which saw her attract the attention of most, even university scouts.