High Schools in North Richland Hills

It goes without saying that education is quite an important aspect of any given city’s well-being. North Richland Hills, TX, offers its residents with quite a ton of learning opportunities, where children can learn and attain all the literacy skills they need. Below are some of the best high schools in the city.

Richland High school

Richland High School is a wonderful secondary school in North Richland Hills, admitting students from grade 9 through grade 12. It is part of the Birdville Independent School District. Richland High School was established in 1961 as the 2nd high school in the Birdville Independent School District. The school colors and emblem of blue and gray, the Confederate flag, and mascot of the Rebels was chosen by students and approved by the Birdville School Board. The school was then expanded over time, in a bid to meet the needs of the community. One major expansion happened in the late 1980s, adding a new main entrance, classroom wing, cafeteria, and administration offices.

In 2006, the school underwent near-demolition, but a bond package funded its restoration. Only the original auditorium, the band hall, and a wing added in the late 1980s (including the library and cafeteria) were retained, while the rest of the structure was demolished and replaced with student parking. A brand-new facility was built in the old student parking area, connected to the remnants of the original structure. The new school opened for the 2009-2010 school year.

North Richland Middle School

This is an outstanding high school, guided purely by its vision, mission, and beliefs. These three pillars embody the institution’s collective thoughts around how they value, serve and cultivate their students. North Richland Middle School is a student-first kind of community with a strong foundation of genuine respect and shared ownership in order to build a better today for tomorrow.
NRMS is here to educate, build relationships, and nurture scholars through a shared vision, continuous improvement, and personal service. North Richland Middle School is a place where students feel safe, respected, valued, and are held to high expectations for success. At NRMS, the vision is to become the difference-makers in their students’ futures. North Richland Middle School is committed to building a foundation of excellence in all students by fostering academic, social, and emotional success in order to create their own future. This school seeks to create an environment where students and families feel cared about, valued, welcome, and have a sense of belonging.