There are plenty of plumbers you could call in Plano when you have a plumbing problem. We would love to be your plumber of choice, but please don’t call us. Use the free billyGO app instead! With billyGO, it’s about time – the time you save by scheduling your own service appointment, right to the hour. Use our app to select the day and time you want us there, so you won’t have to wait around half a day or more for your plumber to show up.

Complete Plumbing Services

The billyGO name is new, but we draw on decades of plumbing and HVAC service to Plano and the DFW area. Now, billyGO is rocking the industry with our app-based “plumbing and air conditioning by APPointment” service. It’s faster and it saves you time and money fixing all your plumbing problems.

Our plumbers unclog drains quickly and thoroughly with special tools and environmentally-friendly chemicals to keep your drains flowing freely. We never use harsh liquid drain cleaners (and neither should you!).

Clogged sinks can be especially annoying because a stubborn clog puts your sink out of commission until it’s removed. DIY plumbing efforts sometimes result in even bigger problems when homeowners loosen a connection or strip a thread. billyGO’s licensed plumbers fix clogged sinks right the first time.

Sometimes the problem goes deeper – beneath your home to the sewer lines. A clogged sewer calls for professional sewer cleaning, whether the cause is excess debris or tree roots. We use water-powered hydro-jet equipment to dissolve and flush away sewer clogs.

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation that YOU Schedule

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your older HVAC equipment with a new, high-efficiency air conditioning unit you’ll be glad you’ve discovered billyGO. Not only do YOU set the date for installation with the billyGO app, but you also can use it to select the equipment you want and arrange financing, too – all without a phone call!

Just select the efficiency level you prefer – 14, 16 or 18 SEER – and we will determine what size unit is right for your home when we come to install it. Our industry-leading supply chain will deliver your new AC equipment while our installation crew is there making all the necessary preparations.

billyGO also offers expert air conditioning service and repair to keep your AC equipment running at top efficiency for years to come.

Schedule Your Own APPointment Now

Get the free billyGO app for iOS and Android mobile devices here. It takes only a few minutes to install and use, and it saves you hours of aggravation. Finally, a Plano plumber and air conditioning service company that puts you first – it’s about time!