Gyms in Plano

Fitness has become more of a way of life, than just a typical regime for most individuals. Plano, TX, offers residents a ton of fitness options to choose from. Below are some of the leading gyms in the area.

Destination Dallas Texas

Destination Dallas Texas offers a great environment, good song, and a friendly team to help you reach your goals. Their trainers give guidance to optimize your time in the gym. Here, they provide a wide range of equipment. One of the trainers, Kyle Cavnar specializes in Muscular Development using a systematic and mechanically appropriate approach. You are available to rest and relax before or after your workout in the lounge. In their gym, 20 pieces of cardio equipment, including 4 step mills. Let’s get weekend membership for only $29.99/month. Receive a discount pricing for military, first responders, and students. Dumbbells, Treadmills, Personal and Cross fit Training, Cardio Equipment, Weight Lifting, Elite FTS, Bench Press, Free Weights, Bikes, Punching Bags, Medicine Balls, Plyo Boxes, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Arsenal, and Body Masters Leg Press, Variety of Prime, Step mills & Gymnastics Rings are all featured in this fitness center.

Metroflex Gym

Metroflex Gym provides hands-down, the best environment in the North Texas area for your training. Let’s get a gym membership only $42.95+tax/month & $40 enrollment fee. Here, loud music playing on a professional-grade speaker system 24/7 in the gym. They have a massage room equipped with dimming lights and scented with therapeutic oils while being staffed by a full-time massage therapist. All guests shall pay a workout fee of $10 in person at each time of their workout. Receive key fobs are $5. Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebells, Gymnastics, Personal Training, HIIT, Dumbbells, Bench Press, Strength, Bodybuilding, Barbells, Deadlifting Platforms, Hammer Strength Machine, Conditioning Equipment, Free Weights, Deadlifting and Squatting Specific Bars, Bodybuilding Machines & Power

Body Machine Fitness

Body Machine Fitness is the best Plano gym with High energy cardio/strength fitness classes. Ethan Marine is the Master Trainer of this fitness center, and he coached athletes and celebrities. Luxurious locker rooms and spa-like amenities with complimentary towel service are available here. They have cutting-edge audio and lighting system. They provide integrated nutrition planning and counseling to help their customers. Get the benefit of the most advanced 3D body scanning solution worldwide. At Body Machine Fitness, Styku scans come free with your BMF membership. Receive a free First-class. Upper Body and Lower Body Strength, Personal Training, Arsenal, Free Weights, Treadmills, Full Body Circuit, Hammer Strength, Weight Lifting, Bikes, Cardio Equipment, Medicine Balls, Bench Press, Crossfit & Variety of Prime.