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Need a Plumber or Air Conditioning service in Watauga, TX?  Go with billyGO! We offer complete drain service, water heater repair, and all residential plumbing services & service all makes and models of central air conditioning systems.

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Just about everything plumbers do has a degree or urgency –a broken pipe, clogged toilet(especially when you have house guests), or a gas leak that forces you to evacuate your home and warn your neighbors not to light a match. Ditto when your air conditioner conks out in 100-degree weather.

billyGO plumbers and AC technicians live for the privilege of bailing people out of bad situations with service that’s faster than phoning. Get the free billyGO Online Scheduler now, so next time you need a plumber or HVAC expert in Watauga, you can get one of our licensed plumbers or NATE-certified AC techs on the job right away, without even making a phone call!

Anytime Plumbing for the Watauga Area

There is no such thing as offering “some” plumbing services. Due to the connected nature of plumbing systems, something that happens in one part of your home can directly affect the plumbing system in other parts of the house. We offer full-service residential plumbing for every pipe that carries water in or outside your home. There’s no telling when you may need us, so we offer emergency plumber service, day and night. 

A clogged bathtub drain is a problem anytime, but if you happen to have one tub, it’s an emergency. With billyGO, you never have to worry about whether someone will answer the phone or if you’ll talk to an answering service. Use the free billyGO Online Scheduler 24 x 7 to set the time for your service call.

Planned Plumbing Service

Thankfully, you can save yourself the bother of many plumbing emergencies by having some routine maintenance performed on your home’s plumbing system. Eliminate any worries about hot water heaters by knowing the signs of water heater trouble you can prevent many problems and extend the heater’s useful service life.

The same applies to a leaking toilets. Don’t ignore the sound of water running in your toilet when you haven’t flushed it. That means water is leaking from the tank to the bowl. A leaking toilet will waste as much as 200 gallons of water each day, which needlessly bloats your water bill.

Professional Air Conditioning Service for Watauga

There are no two ways about it: North Texas summers can be miserably hot, but miserable doesn’t begin to describe how you feel when your air conditioner goes out and the temperature in your home climbs 20 degrees. People here expect their air conditioning to keep them cool the same way they expect their roofs to keep them dry.

The idea behind central air conditioning– removing humidity from the air – is simple but putting it into practice is a complex process. Because of this, air conditioning repair is outside the comfort zone of even the most dedicated do-it-yourselfers.

You can trust billyGO’s NATE- and EPA-certified AC technicians to deliver the highest efficiency your HVAC equipment can produce, considering equipment type, size, and age.

Improper air conditioning installation is the root cause of many HVAC problems. Inadequate airflow will make your equipment strain, causing excessive wear. Poor duct sealing allows chilled air to escape into your attic, costing you needlessly. Placing the compressor (outdoor) too far from the evaporator (indoor) equipment results in long refrigerant pipe runs that cause the compressor to run constantly, which drives up operating costs and shortens equipment lifespans.

billyGO’s NATE-certified technicians will spot these and other problems quickly and help you decide the best way to fix them. Our installers avoid these problems from the start by paying attention to details and delivering professional results. 

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