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Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary home service? billyGO brings unprecedented convenience to air conditioning and plumbing service in Westlake, Texas, by letting you schedule the day and hour you want us there.

That way, you can schedule your time according to your schedule, not ours. No more blocking off half a day (or more) wasting time while you wait for a technician to show up. Get the billyGO app here.

Convenient Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioning is about as fundamental to comfort and safety in North Texas as having a roof over your head. When your central air conditioning equipment isn’t cooling you won’t have a good night’s sleep until it’s repaired. billyGO’s HVAC technicians will get your AC unit working fast.

Routine maintenance will help keep your AC and heating equipment running at factory specifications, or as close to them as its age and condition will allow. Furthermore, regular maintenance can add years of productive service to its life.

Annual tune-ups are the most cost-effective investment you can make in your central heating and air conditioning systems. billyGO recommends a spring tune-up by our NATE-certified HVAC technicians for air conditioning equipment and one in the fall for furnaces. Here’s why this is important: running your AC unit seven months or more consecutively during a hot Westlake summer is the equivalent to driving your automobile 200,000 miles!

There will come a time when replacing your air conditioning system will be less expensive than continuing to repair it. For example, today’s high-efficiency central air conditioners with a seasonal energy efficiency rating of 20 SEER are 100% more efficient than the 10 SEER equipment that was the standard in the last decade.

Soon you will be able to select your new HVAC equipment and schedule installation without ever making a phone call or having to shop around for estimates. It’s easy with the billyGO mobile app. You select the efficiency rating you want and schedule the installation date using the app.

Our HVAC installation team will arrive, determine the proper size and get the equipment on its way to your home while they remove the system to be replaced. You will sleep in cool comfort that same night!

Residential Plumbing Service for Westlake

When your air conditioning doesn’t cool you have a problem. When your home’s plumbing system isn’t working you have a big problem that requires a fast response. billyGO provides 24-hour emergency plumbing service you can call on with the app or by phone at 817-722-6151 anytime.

We built our reputation providing extraordinary convenience for our customers and delivering quality plumbing service at wallet-friendly prices. billyGO’s licensed plumbers can handle any plumbing problem, from gas leaks to clogged sewer lines and water heater installation. We also will help you plan a bath or kitchen remodeling with the newest plumbing styles and technologies.

As with HVAC equipment, regular maintenance will go a long way toward keeping your home’s plumbing system working right. This is especially true for water heaters. Calcium deposits build up in water heater tanks, sometimes interfering with the heating element. When that happens the water temperature drops and your hot showers cool off.

Water heater tanks should be flushed annually to clear out the sediment buildup. We also test the pressure relief valve to ensure it won’t let the pressure build up inside and cause the water heater tank to fail, or possibly explode.

We check the “sacrificial” anode rod to keep it free of calcium deposits so it can do its job. The anode rod is there to prevent the heating element from being consumed by Galvanic corrosion. If your water heater is leaking, get a billyGO plumber right away. The leak may only be a loose connection, but it could be an early warning the tank is about to fail.

Tankless water heaters also require routine maintenance to remove any calcium buildup that can make them less efficient. If it’s time to replace a water heater, billyGO offers same-day installation and very attractive prices. If you’ve been thinking of replacing a water heater and wondering what type to get, this article addresses the question of whether tank or tankless is the best water heater for you.

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Schedule your APPointment® through the app and we will waive the $59 dispatch fee!

*Not to be used in conjunction with any other discount.

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