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When searching for a Grapevine plumber many homeowners worry about how long it will take for help to arrive, the quality of service that they will actually receive, and whether they will receive a fair price. With billyGO plumbing you get guaranteed 1-hour scheduling, up-front pricing before the work begins, and 100% customer satisfaction.

The billyGO team of licensed professional plumbers are trained to provide the highest level of customer service in our industry. We strive to treat your home or business with respect, offering exceptional workmanship while taking care of dirty tasks. We are Grapevine's fastest plumbing professionals.

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Our Grapevine Plumbers Are COVID Compliant

Your safety is our top priority. The billyGO team of professional Grapevine plumbers are trained to provide the highest level of customer service in our industry. We strive to treat your home or business with respect, offering exceptional workmanship while taking care of dirty tasks.

Expect our team to arrive on time, maintain a safe and neat workspace, and keep you informed every step of the way.

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Called them at 10pm Friday night. Very reasonable price and truly blessed by the great group of guys that fixed this for us. They will always be our first call from now on.

-Danny R.

I am so impressed with this company. They did an amazing job!

-Courtney R.

Quick, efficient, friendly and professional. What else could you ask for?

-Gerardo G.

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billyGO is the result of more than two decades of experience building one of Dallas/Fort Worth's leading plumbing and air conditioning companies. With a focus on customer service, the concept of being able to schedule, track, approve, and securely pay online was developed. billyGO is a “HVAC and plumbing by APPointment™” application that sets us apart from the rest of the home service industry.

We make it easy to book a licensed professional plumber.

Click the appointment button, choose your desired time, tell us the problem, watch our techs in route to your house, and get your free estimate.

Our estimates are guaranteed, even if your job requires more time than we anticipated.

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We offer multiple types of stress-free financing solutions to fit your needs. These flexible financing options cover all types of plumbing, air conditioning, and heating projects. From 0% financing to no payments for 90 days and terms as long as 120 months! We are here to help.

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grapevine tx plumbing water leak detection and repair

Water Leak Detection and Repair in Grapevine

An unusually high water bill or a foul odor coming from walls or floors may be the first indication of a water leak in your home. Another indicator is if you hear water running when no taps are open, or you see standing water when it has not been raining.

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grapevine tx water heater repair

Grapevine Water Heater Repair and Installation

When your water heater is working right, you never notice it. But if your hot showers aren’t so hot, if you hear loud popping noises or see water coming from the tank, you can’t ignore it. billyGO’s licensed plumbers will fix the issue today.

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Drain and Sewer Cleaning in Grapevine

Everyone gets clogged drains one time or another. The first home remedy most people turn to is a liquid drain opener. Liquid chemical drain cleaners may provide some temporary relief, but ultimately may do more harm than good. Call billyGO today.

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grapevine slab leak detection plumbers

Grapevine Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Slab leaks can go undetected for some time because they happen out of sight, beneath your home’s concrete slab. You can’t see them, but if you know the telltale signs, you can alert yourself and get professional help.

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Grapevine toilet clogs and repair plumbers

Clogged Toilets and Toilet Repair in Grapevine

A toilet that is clogged up may be something you can fix yourself, or it may be a toilet repair job for a licensed plumber. The cause for a clog may not be apparent but look for the obvious things first.

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Grapevine Sewer Pipe Repairs

Grapevine Sewer Pipe Cleaning, Repair and Replacement

billyGO provides expert sewer pipe cleaning, repair and replacement in Grapevine – at the time you specify. Our licensed plumbers make short work of the worst clogs, including tree roots.

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grapevine emergency plumbers

24-Hour Emergency Plumber in Grapevine

For a 24-hour plumbing emergency in Grapevine you need emergency plumbing by billyGO. We’re open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to fix your plumbing problem fast. Call billyGO to fix your plumbing emergency today!

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