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Financing For Plumbing, Cooling, and Heating

Enjoy Financial Flexibility and Convenience With billyGO!

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Financing Solutions For Your Project

Great Plumbing and Cold AC Shouldn't Be a Financial Burden

You Can Count on billyGO

Your home's essential necessities like air conditioning, heating, and plumbing are essential to daily life. When the unexpected occurs, billyGO is committed to offering you affordable and flexible financial options.

billyGO offers a selection of manageable options including 0% interest plans. We have partnered with Service Finance Enterprises of Texas, LLC. Service Finance is a nationally licensed finance company and an approved FHA Title I Lender.

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Our Financing Options for Plumbing and HVAC Solutions

Whatever the project, enjoy financial flexibility and convenience with billyGO's plans:
  • 0% Financing for 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 Months – you have a wide range of plans, whether you want to pay off fast or keep monthly payments low over a longer period.
  • 18 Months Same as Cash – this option also has 0% interest financing for the 18-month period, and you can decide how much to pay each month. You don’t have to pay anything until the end of the 18th month, but then the entire amount is due. If you have an annual or holiday bonus coming this is a great option.
  • Low-rate Financing – sometimes when interest rates are exceptionally low this option, combined with other incentives, may actually be best, but most of the time it’s hard to beat 0% financing.
  • 120 Months with No Payments for 90 Days – this financing plan will get you to the lowest monthly payment, although these loans carry a higher interest rate.

Other Types of Financial Assistance

  • Manufacturer rebates – all air conditioning manufacturers offer seasonal rebates, usually in cooler months, before demand becomes heavy. billyGO will make certain you are aware of and receive any rebates you have coming.
  • Energy company incentives – from time to time energy companies offer cash back incentives to customers who purchase energy-efficient water heaters, air conditioning, heating, and household appliances.
    • Atmos Energy in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area occasionally offers amazing incentives for purchasing natural gas water heaters, furnaces, and dryers. Click this link to see their current incentives: Atmos Mid Texas Appliance Rebate Program
    • Oncor Electric offers the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area seasonal incentives that can range from $300 up to $2,800 for high-efficiency Air Conditioning units and other electrical household items. Here is a link to Oncor's Residential Page and this is their current incentive website called Take A Load Off Texas.
  • Federal, state, and local tax credits – tax credits come and go but it’s always best to check to see if there are any current programs you qualify for.

Don’t Wait – Get Financing Now with billyGO!

It’s never necessary to put off having the comfort and safety your family needs because of concerns about plumbing and air conditioning financing.

Every home must have hot water and safe plumbing systems for bathing, cleaning, and cooking. Anyone who lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area knows summer heat here is unbearable – and often unsafe – without air conditioning. Don’t put it off – apply for plumbing or air conditioning financing now!

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