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Slab Leak Detection & Repair

Dallas-Fort Worth Slab Foundation Leak Repair Experts

Looking for Slab Leak Detection & Repair in the Dallas-Forth Worth Area?

Slab leaks can go undetected for some time because they happen out of sight, beneath your home’s concrete slab foundation. If you think your home may need slab leak repair, call us today at (817) 813-9177 and speak to a friendly customer service representative or use our online scheduling app for fast service. We make it easy to schedule online.

Slab Leak Repair

What Is a Slab Leak?

The unstable, shifting soils in the North Texas and Dallas-Fort Worth area sometimes exert powerful pressure on underground water and sewer lines, causing cracks and loosened connections. The result can be a slow drip or a gusher.

Running water and rain can also cause a slab leak. As water seeps underneath the slab foundation, it may crack and let water into your house or building.

Pooled water, underneath the slab, can cause the whole house to shift, resulting in structural damage.

Slab Leak Detection Tools

How to Spot a Slab Leak

  • Higher water bills without increased personal usage
  • Sounds of running water when no taps are open
  • Foundation develops a crack
  • Discolored or damp floor coverings
  • Warm or damp places on floors
  • Bad smell from floors or walls
  • Uneven growth in lawn or foundation plants
  • A visible shift in the soil around the structure
Slab Leak Detection Services in DFW

How We Repair a Slab Leak

We work from the outside of your home by tunneling underneath your slab to fix the problem instead of digging down though the inside of your house or building. This method minimizes impact to your flooring and health.

billyGO’s licensed plumbers use a variety of acoustic, sonic, pressure, electromagnetic, and gas tracer detection tools to pinpoint water leak locations in plastic and metallic plumbing lines. We also visually inspect with miniature cameras we send through pipes on fiber-optic cables.

Plumbing Special Offers

* Contact our office for complete offer details, eligibility, dates, and restrictions. For current information, call us at (817) 813-9177

Financing Solutions

We offer multiple types of stress-free financing solutions to fit your needs. These flexible financing options cover all types of slab leak repair, plumbing, air conditioning, and heating projects. From 0% financing to no payments for 90 days and terms as long as 120 months! We are here to help.

Click below to learn more about our flexible financing solutions.

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About Our Slab Leak, Plumbing, and HVAC Company

BillyGO is the result of more than two decades of experience building one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s leading slab leak repair and detection companies.


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5-Star Service With a Guaranteed 1-Hour Time Window

Called them at 10pm Friday night. Very reasonable price and truly blessed by the great group of guys that fixed this for us. They will always be our first call from now on.

-Danny R.

I am so impressed with this company. They did an amazing job!

-Courtney R.

Quick, efficient, friendly and professional. What else could you ask for?

-Gerardo G.

How the billyGO Online Scheduler Works

You Schedule

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Use the billyGO Online Scheduler to tell us your location, nature of the problem, and the date and time to be there. It is so easy!

Receive Updates

Track Everything In Real Time

Your plumber/tech receives job information and sends you a confirmation message with name and photo. You can track location and arrival status. We arrive within one hour of scheduled time or we start discounting your bill.

The Tech Fixes the Problem

Estimates & Work Completion

Upon arrival, the tech diagnoses, explains options, and then provides a guaranteed price for plumbing, air, or heating work. You approve the work order via the Online Scheduler, and we fix your issue.

Payment & Receipt

Safe and Secure Transactions

When work is completed, you review, approve, pay, and receive your receipt instantly via email. Payments may be processed through our best in class portal; we store no payment information. We also accept cash and offer multiple financing options.

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