Dallas-Fort Worth Sewer Pipe Cleaning, Repair and Replacement

billyGO provides expert sewer pipe cleaning, repair and replacement for the Dallas/Fort Worth area – at the time you specify. Our licensed plumbers make short work of the worst clogs, including tree roots. Get the free billyGO Online Scheduler for iOS and Android to schedule your APPointment™ to the day and hour!

Separative sewer - Cleaning, Repair, Replacement

A clogged drain affects one fixture, but a clogged sewer line affects the entire house, bringing your water use to a screeching halt. Before you reach that point, there are warning signs that let you know you need sewer pipe cleaning:

  • A toilet gurgles when you run water in a sink,
  • You get a smell of rotting food around your kitchen sink,
  • Fixtures back up or overflow when you wash clothes, or
  • More than one drain, toilet, sink or tub is clogged.

If You Have a Clogged Sewer Line in Dallas/Fort Worth…

It’s important NOT to run water or flush a toilet when your sewer line is clogged. This will only make the problem worse, possibly causing water damage to your home or exposing your family to raw sewage.

DO check with immediate neighbors to see if they are having similar problems. If so, the clog may be in the city’s sewer pipe.

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All billyGO plumbers are trained and equipped for sewer pipe cleaning, repair, and replacement. This work requires a heavy-duty, powered sewer snake, not the hand-held kind. These power augers have steel cables up to ¾ inch thick to dislodge the heaviest clogs of grease, paper, hair, and other waste matter.

If the line is clogged with tree roots, we attach razor-sharp cutting blades to cut through the tangle. Then we apply a safe biological drain cleaner to prevent further clogs.

This method is safe even for older, more fragile pipes. High-pressure blasting with water at pressures as great as 35,000 PSI can actually damage your sewer line and compound the problem.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

If your sewer line is damaged it must be repaired or replaced. First, we determine the nature and location of the problem by visual inspection and using sensitive listening devices.

Experience has taught us the only sure and certain sewer line repair method is to replace damaged joints and sections of a sewer line. As always, we guarantee our work.

Fast Sewer Pipe Cleaning and Repair

Get fast help for sewer line cleaning and repair in our Dallas/Fort Worth service area with the free billyGO Online Scheduler. If you don’t have it already, download now for iTunes or Android. It takes just a few minutes but saves you hours every time you use it.