Dallas/Fort Worth 24-Hour Emergency Plumbing — We have a Plumber Near You

Dallas Fort Worth Emergency Plumber and Air Conditioning services from billyGO.

You Have a Plumbing Emergency If…

…delaying repair could damage your home – gas leaks, burst pipes, clogged sewer lines, kitchen or bathroom drain clogs, running toilets, overflowing toilets, frozen pipes, leaky pipes, burst washing machine hoses, and water pooling anywhere in your home.

…the situation affects the safety or comfort of people in your home – your water heater isn’t working or is producing scalding hot water; the water heater is leaking, the kitchen sink is clogged or garbage disposal is jammed.

…you have flooding in your home or on your property – don’t waste a minute, get an emergency plumber immediately!

Why Choose billyGO for Your Emergency Plumber?

Convenience – use the billyGO Online Scheduler to get help on the way without having to look up a phone number. The app is faster than phoning, automatically dispatching a licensed plumber to your location and notifying you who is coming.

Security – all billyGO emergency plumbers are our employees, not contractors. We conduct background checks and drug tests on all our employees for your assurance. We are locally owned and operated; we live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area too.

Integrity – everyone at billyGO is proud that our job is problem-solving, not selling. We charge only for services performed, and you will know the price upfront – there never is an overtime charge.

You don’t get to decide when you will have a plumbing emergency, but you can choose the emergency plumber in advance. Get the billyGO Online Scheduler now and be prepared!

What to Do Before the Plumber Arrives


Knowing where the emergency shutoff valve is located isn’t enough. You must know how it works and test it to ensure it will work if the time comes to use it. Valves that are not opened and closed for months and years can seize up and not move. Excessive force may break the valve and cause an even bigger problem.

Shut off the water – Know where your emergency water shut off valve is. If you have a burst pipe or flooding, shut off the water supply to your home immediately. There are two: a “city” shutoff at the water meter (usually near the street) and a “personal” shutoff in the ground on the side of your home nearest the water meter.

Many Dallas/Fort Worth area cities put locks on water meter access plates, so you have to call the water company to get an “emergency” shutoff. This can take hours or even days! Know where your home’s water shutoff valve is and make certain it works (see adjacent box).

Shut off water heater – After you shut off the water supply to the house turn off your water heater. Once the cold water supply is shut off it can set up a siphoning action inside the water heater tank that can cause overheating and possibly damage the water heater. If you have a gas water heater turn off the gas supply first. If it’s electric cut the power to it at the circuit breaker.

Open faucets – open the hot and cold water faucets to a sink or tub to relieve water pressure in plumbing lines.

Plug leaks – use rags and tape to try to contain or slow the leak; catch the water in buckets or cans if you cannot stop the leak. Continue to mop up excess water.

You Can Prevent Some Plumbing Emergencies

Know how your home’s plumbing system works – emergency water shutoff valves may be located differently from home to home. A billyGO plumber will be glad to show you where it is and explain the basics of your home’s plumbing system, including how to spot small problems before they become emergencies.

Don’t create plumbing problems – plumbing knowledge and skills are acquired with years of training and repetition under the supervision of master plumbers. If you are not certain you know how to fix a plumbing problem, get a pro. Many emergency situations result directly from failed DIY plumbing projects.

Water heater maintenance – all water heaters require regular maintenance to keep them working well and make them last as long as possible, whether storage tank or tankless, gas or electric. Water heater tanks need to have sediment buildup flushed out annually, and tankless water heaters require flushing to decalcify them.

Avoid harsh chemical drain cleaners – chemical drain cleaners often do more harm than good, especially to older plumbing systems. billyGO uses augers and biologically safe chemicals to clear clogs and keep drains flowing smoothly.

Be Prepared – Use our billyGO Online Scheduler Now!

Use the free billyGO Online Scheduler for any plumbing problem in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, especially plumbing emergencies. When every second matter, use the app to get a billyGO emergency plumber on the job faster than making a phone call.