If you’re tired of calling for a plumber or air conditioning service company in Hurst, getting no answer or being put on indefinite hold, your worries are over. With billyGO, you set the time and day for us to be there.

No waiting around half a day or more while you burn through vacation or personal days – and no more phone calls, because everything from start to finish is handled by our proprietary billyGO app, which you can download here.

What’s Your Plumbing Problem?

A clogged drain can sometimes be fixed with a plunger, and perhaps some hot water and dishwashing detergent – an easy DIY money-saver. But when that doesn’t get results, please don’t use harsh liquid drain cleaners. They may provide a temporary fix while seriously damaging your pipes.

billyGO’s drain cleaning service is fast and certain. We use augers (“snakes”) made of flexible steel with a corkscrew-like tip to reach down the drain, bore into the clog and retrieve it. Clogs can be caused by dirt, skin flakes, hair food particles, soap scum and anything else that finds its way down the drain bit-by-bit.

Broken pipes are not a frequent problem, but when a pipe lets go your first priority is to minimize the water damage. Know where your water shutoff valve is and turn it off immediately. If the broken pipe is out of sight, but you see water where it shouldn’t be, shut off the water.

We do more than repairs. Kitchen sink installation is a popular request in Hurst and around the Metroplex. Carpenters and granite installers handle the structural parts of kitchen remodeling, but you need a plumber for faucet, garbage disposal and kitchen sink installation.

Have billyGO Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning and heating equipment require regular maintenance and an occasional repair to keep running right. That’s true anywhere, but especially in Hurst and throughout North Texas. Summers are long and brutal, with temperatures in the 90s for weeks on end.

Well maintained HVAC equipment will reward you with dependable service. Failure to perform basic maintenance and cleaning not only will degrade performance and raise operating costs, your AC equipment will not last as long as it should.

When it becomes more costly to maintain your air conditioner than to replace it, you will be delighted with billyGO’s air conditioning installation service. Using the free billyGO app you can select the new equipment you want and schedule the installation date, all without making a phone call! We will size the equipment, deliver and install it on the day you select. And you will love our ultra-competitive pricing.

Set Your Plumbing and AC APPointments with Our Free App

Whatever your air conditioning or plumbing problem in Hurst, you can count on billyGO to fix it right the first time. Use the free billyGO app to get one of our certified HVAC technicians or licensed plumbers on the job right away. It only takes a few seconds to schedule your own APPointment, and it saves you hours every time you use it.