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Being the preferred Little Elm plumber and air conditioning repair company is a special honor because this is a place where people are accustomed to the best. While Little Elm people are busy like everyone else, being on the shores of Lewisville Lake provides special opportunities to get away from it all.

Correction: you can get away from most of it. Plumbing problems still come up when you’re least prepared for them and air conditioners still can stop working when the thermometer reads 98 degrees. That’s when the billyGO Online Scheduler saves the day with service YOU schedule at the time most convenient for you.

No calls to make, no waiting around for someone to show up. You set the day and time, whether you need an emergency plumber of air conditioning service or a completely new HVAC system.

Emergency Plumber for Little Elm

A slow drain or leaking toilet can be a persistent problem that you may want to turn over to a plumber. But when you have a clogged sewer line or a water leak you can’t locate, you need an emergency plumber who will make fixing your problem his top priority.

billyGO’s licensed plumbers come equipped with sewer cameras to visually inspect sewer lines and power augers to clear the toughest clogs they may have, including tree roots. Sometimes the problem is worse, such as a damaged sewer line that must be replaced. We handle every detail of sewer pipe cleaning repair and replacement.

Water leak detection is a big part of our work, as well. Water can travel along the outside of your home’s plumbing lines and structural members and first become noticeable far from the source of the leak. That makes leak detection difficult, unless you have the acoustical equipment billyGO plumbers bring with them. We will find the source, whether it’s in the attic or beneath the foundation.

Some leaks go undetected for weeks or months, but one telltale sign you may have a water leak is the sound of running or dripping water in your home when no taps are open, or when you notice increases in your water bill for no apparent reason. This article about water leak detection, including DIY leak detection, provides important information about leaks and describe some detective work you can do before getting a plumber involved.

Air Conditioning Repair and HVAC System Installation

Our goal at billyGO always is to see that you get the most efficient, cost-saving performance from your HVAC system that it can provide, based on equipment type and age. Time takes a toll on all mechanical systems, and air conditioners and furnaces are not exempt.

Air conditioning equipment that may last 15 years or more in midwestern or northern homes wears out faster in Little Elm because of the extended 6-7-month cooling season. Depending on initial quality and efficiency rating, some HVAC systems wear out in 8-10 years. Regular maintenance is the best way to extend the useful life of your HVAC equipment.

billyGO recommends annual tune-ups on your AC system(s) each spring and on furnaces every fall. We check for loose electrical connections, bad capacitors, pressure readings and a lot more. We almost always find small problems and fix them before they get more serious (and more expensive).

Think of HVAC tune-ups the way you would a tune-up on your car. The wear and tear on your home’s air conditioning equipment after running seven months consecutively is similar to driving your car 200,000 miles. You wouldn’t think of going that long without a car turn up!

If you need to replace your heating and air conditioning system billyGO offers extremely competitive pricing and precise installation by HVAC techs who do nothing but installations every day. A lower For your convenience, you can shop for equipment, secure financing, and set your installation date with the billyGO Online Scheduler – no phone call necessary!

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