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A toilet that is clogged up may be something you can fix yourself, or it may be a toilet repair job for a licensed plumber. The cause for a clog may not be apparent but look for the obvious things first.

Use a plunger. It may take several minutes. If you get no results, wait 30-60 minutes and try again. Use a bucket or plastic bag to carry the plunger out and hose it off when you’re finished. If you can’t unstop it yourself, billyGO can. The problem may not be in the toilet. It could be something more serious.

Top 5 Reasons for Clogged Toilets

Top 5 Reasons for Clogged Toilets

  1. Low water flow – Check for mineral deposits on the flapper, or a flapper that is old and brittle. If the tank doesn’t fill enough it will need to be reset. If you have an older low-flow toilet you may want to consider replacement; early designs didn’t produce enough pressure to clear the bowl.
  2. Flushing things you shouldn’t flush – toilets are designed to dispose of human waste, not trash. Things you should not flush include cotton swabs, cotton balls, wet wipes, paper towels, dental floss, medicine, sanitary products, condoms, cat litter, diapers, and just too much toilet paper.
  3. Clogged trap – this U-shaped pipe beneath the toilet retains water to keep sewer gasses out of your home. It often traps more than water (see number 2 above). We have discovered toys, toothbrushes and much more in traps. A clogged toilet with a trap blockage is a job for a licensed plumber.
  4. Clogged sewer line – sometimes the problem is in the sewer line, not the toilet. If the problem is in a sewer line, it soon will be a problem for the whole house. You need a plumber for this one, too.
  5. Blocked vent – vent pipes that come up through your roof let in fresh air to boost flushing pressure. They can become clogged with leaves, sticks, rodent nests. Blocked vents are a job for a professional plumber who has the knowledge and tools to do the job.

Don’t Put Off Toilet Repair

If a toilet keeps clogging up, the problem is likely to get worse, not better. If you can’t unstop a clogged toilet in a reasonable time, save yourself the bother, time, and possible damage to your home; turn it over to a billyGO licensed plumber. Use our free billyGO Online Scheduler now to schedule the day and time you want us there

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