Dallas Water Leak Detection and Repair

The name for water leak detection and repair in the Dallas metro area is billyGO! It’s easy to schedule your APPointment either online or with the free billyGO Online Scheduler… you pick a day and one hour window that’s most convenient for you! A licensed billyGO plumber will confirm your APPointment™ time by text or email in minutes. No call necessary!

An unusually high water bill or a foul odor coming from walls or floors may be the first indication of a water leak in your home. Another indicator is if you hear water running when no taps are open, or you see discoloring of floor coverings, such as dark spots on the hardwood. You may have one or more leaks.

Water Leak Detection

Any leak, no matter how small can be very costly. You can do some simple leak detective work to try to locate the source. Start with a quick walk-through of your home, checking for:

  • Leaking toilet –To check, put some food coloring or a dye tab to the toilet tank. Wait for an hour and check again. If color appears in water in the bowl, you have a leaking toilet.
  • Leaky faucet – Rubber washers in faucets wear out with use and are not difficult to replace if you want to do it yourself.
  • An outdoor faucet leaking – If a leaky hose bib (outdoor faucet) can’t be fixed with a new washer, call a licensed plumber.
  • Sprinkler system leak – look for extra green or damp spots in your yard, which may indicate a leaking sprinkler water line. Having a professional check it out will save a lot of time and water.
  • Swimming pool leak – Definitely one for the pros, whether the leak is in the pool itself or the underground plumbing. Inspect the pool for cracks and lower water levels.
  • Slab leak – You definitely need a plumber to detect and repair a slab leak. Shifting soil beneath your home can loosen plumbing connections and cause the resulting leak to erode the soil. Check for damp carpet, mold or mildew, a decrease in water pressure and water pooling where it should not.

Water Leak Repair

If you attempt to fix a leak remember to shut off the water first. Indoor faucets and toilets have shut off valves, but you must turn off your water supply at the meter or emergency shutoff for other work, including outdoor faucets.  You might want to check our blog about buying water heaters.

Save yourself a lot of time and aggravation, schedule your own APPointment™ time with a billyGO licensed plumber with the free billyGO Online Scheduler for IOS and Android. We have the training and leak detection equipment to locate the problem and fix it immediately.

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