Fast Dallas Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Get fast drain and sewer cleaning in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area by the pros from billyGO. You set the APPointment™ time that fits your schedule and our licensed plumber will be there. Schedule online now or with the free billyGO Online Scheduler and receive confirmation in minutes. No phone call necessary!

Clogged Drains

Everyone gets clogged drains one time or another. The first home remedy most people turn to is a liquid drain opener. Liquid chemical drain cleaners may provide some temporary relief, but ultimately may do more harm than good.

Liquid chemical drain cleaners are:

  • highly toxic – they release fumes that irritate eyes and noses;
  • corrosive – the primary ingredient is hydrochloric acid, which actually eats away at and weakens plumbing pipes; and
  • harmful contaminants – residue poisons landfills when containers are put in the trash.

If you can’t unclog a drain or toilet with a plunger or some baking soda and vinegar, turn the job over to billyGO’s licensed plumbers. We have the training and equipment to unclog drains blocked by grease, soap, hair, food particles, paper, cotton, organic matter and anything else that may find its way into your plumbing system.

Sewer Cleaning

Liquid chemical drain cleaners aren’t likely to solve the problem if the clog is in a sewer line. The 3-inch or larger sewer pipes that carry waste water from your home can clog with human waste, paper, hair and other debris that should not have found its way into the plumbing system.

Tree roots also can cause a sewer line clog. Once they find a small crack or loose joint in a sewer pipe they send feelers that grow quite fast, nourished by the nutrient-rich waste.

We have super-sized power augers that cut through root clogs in sewer lines without putting extra stress on older pipes. We can inspect the lines with a sewer camera if we need visual confirmation. We follow up with an environmentally safe chemical to remove any residue and prevent future root growth.

Set Your APPointment™ Time Now

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