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Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Working?

You probably never really think too much about air conditioning. You set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature and go on about your day. But, when your air conditioner suddenly no longer works properly, you’ll notice it pretty fast. 

 Here are a few suggestions for what to do before you call an HVAC technician when your air conditioner isn’t functioning correctly or stops working completely.

Check Your Thermostat

Thermostats control the temperature settings of your A/C system. An incorrectly set, faulty, or unpowered thermostat could be the culprit of your air conditioner failing to turn on.

Make sure that your thermostat is actually receiving power. If the thermostat is battery powered and the display won’t come on, replace the batteries. If you replace the batteries with new ones but it still fails to display, you’ll probably have to replace the thermostat completely. If your thermostat is receiving power and you own a programmable or smart thermostat, ensure that your temperature settings are correct.


Check Your Breaker

Check to see if a breaker has been tripped. Often a tripped breaker is the result of too much electrical demand on a circuit. Breakers are designed to trip to protect your home and your electronics from an overloaded, overheating circuit. 

If your air conditioner isn’t receiving power, it obviously won’t work. If your breaker seems to frequently trip just as your A/C starts to kick on, it could mean a component of your A/C system is damaged. This will likely require parts replacement or repairs from a professional A/C technician.


Check Your Air Filter

Air filters improve the air quality in your home by collecting dust, mold, and all kinds of nasty allergens and particles. Usually, A/C filters should be replaced at least every two months. Blockage from debris trapped in the filter may be preventing your air conditioner from circulating properly.  

Failure to change or clean your air filters could result in a build-up of debris on your evaporator coils, which could lead to a build-up of condensation and freezing. This will obviously prevent your air conditioner from functioning and may even cause damage. 


 If these suggestions don’t result in your air conditioner starting up or working as intended, you’ll likely need the help of a professional HVAC technician to diagnose a larger issue.  


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