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Jeff Simms and Adam Mennenga billyGO Plumbing and Air Conditioning

“Why would you wait around all day for a home services technician when your time is so valuable?”

When it comes to plumbing and HVAC services, billyGO gives customers control of their time. Gone are the days of calling to schedule an APPointment and waiting for hours on end. Now, billyGO’s mobile app allows customers to conveniently request services and keep track of when the technician will arrive.

billyGO is the only service company that offers one-hour APPointments that the customer chooses on the company’s patent-pending app. The software tracks the promptness of each technician, and so far, the billyGO staff has been on time about 95 percent of the time.

The staff at billyGO knows that the prices for home services have become very expensive. They strive to make services more affordable by being as efficient as possible. For example, billyGO’s software saves thousands of gallons of fuel each year by routing the closest technician to an APPointment.

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