Our licensed plumbers are laser-focused on finding and fixing your plumbing problems as quickly and affordably as possible. Our goal is to fix, and to replace only when that is the best solution.

billyGO trucks are equipped with industry-leading technology, including acoustic and sonic leak detection equipment and high-powered hydro-jet tools for drain and sewer line cleaning.

Got a sick AC system? Our EPA-certified technicians will conduct a complete diagnosis of your central air system and show you what’s required to fix or replace it.

The hot Southern summers make your air conditioner work for months on end, causing wear and tear. Equipment that may last 15-20 years in cooler climates may last only half that long here, depending on the quality of the equipment, the ability of the installers, and how well you maintain it.

billyGO Employees, Not Contractors

Trust billyGO to send only licensed plumbers who are employed by us, not contractors. Our employees are fully trained, background-checked and drug tested for your safety. When you schedule your billyGO appointment with our free app you will see a photo of your plumber before he arrives.

The Plumbing Big Three

In Grapevine, we answer more calls for clogged toilets and toilet repair than anything else. A leaky toilet can waste 200 gallons or more every day, so don’t put off repair.

Water heater repair and replacement run a close second. Ask us how to prolong the life or your water heater, and when you may need to replace it.

Clogged drains can be real show stoppers. If you can’t free the clog with a plunger, schedule billyGO to take care of it. Liquid drain cleaners can seriously damage your plumbing system.

Air Conditioning Repair by APPointment

Even top-of-the-line AC systems need regular maintenance to keep them running at or near factory specifications. We recommend annual maintenance checks for loose electrical connections, refrigerant levels, to clean evaporator and condenser coils, make sure the condensate drain is clear and several other things you’ll find in this maintenance checklist from Energy Star.

If you have a problem that needs to be fixed, billyGO’s air conditioning technicians will explain the issue and provide options for repair or replacement. We service all brands and models of central air conditioning and heating systems.

Schedule Your Appointment Now!

Whether your plumbing or air conditioning repair need in Grapevine is a nagging annoyance or a man-the-lifeboats emergency, put billyGO on the job. Get the free billyGO app and set your appointment time now!